July 2017

FOTY, part II

Ken Buchanan and Jim Watt faced off for the second time, once again contesting for the vacant Celtic Boxing Union lightweight title.  The two had previously fought to a 12 round draw in a back and forth contest that was so evenly fought you’d have thought it was scripted.

Watt came out stronger this time around, controlling the opening rounds and dropping Buchanan in the third frame for a nine count.  The tide changed in the seventh when Buchanan scored a knockdown of his own; after a close eighth he would go on to sweep the final four rounds of the bout and score a second knockdown in the twelfth for good measure.

Final scores came in at 114-111, 115-110 and 116-110, unanimously for Buchanan who wins the CBU lightweight title.

June 2017

Ingemar Johansson (11-3, 8 KO's) earned the first Scandanavian Combat Commission title belt with an easy third round KO over Otto Von Porat (8-5-3, 3 KO's). Johansson cut Von Porats right eye in the opening round, swelled up his left in the second, and finally put him down for the 10 count in the third. The win earned "Ingo" the heavyweight SCC title and should push him in to the top 20 world rankings.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think that Jeff Fenech (9-1-3, 2 KO's) and Johnny Famechon (5-4-7, 2 KO's) had been following a script in their 12 round contest for the OCB featherweight crown. The two took turns winning rounds, with niether fighters doing anything to gain a distinct advantage over the other, aside form a cut over Fenech's left eye in the eighth round. In the end, the title remained vacant as all three judges saw the bout even at 114-114.

May 2017

Early Exit for ABF Challengers

The newly formed Asian Boxing Federation held three title contests this past weekend. Formerly known as the Asia-Pacific Boxing Federation, the organization is looking to fill the vacant slots since the realignment of regional titles which saw the APBF split into two separate entities: the ABF and the Oceanic Coalition of Boxing (OCB).  APBF title holders retained their championship status within their new regions as bouts were set to fill the vacancies.

In the light heavyweight division, we saw a rematch between former APBF champ In-Chul Baek (20-6, 12 KO’s) and Cong Pal Park (19-6-3, 7 KO’s).  Park had snagged a six round decision over Baek years earlier, and Baek had gone on to win and lose the APBF belt in a three fight series against Paul Briggs.

Baek came out strong early on, winning the opening frame and dropping Park in the second.  It was Park however, who managed to come out on top after regaining his composure between rounds, scoring a knockdown in the third that would keep Baek down for the 10-count, and then some.  Park moves up in the world rankings, but is still a way out of the top 10.

Lightweight Artur Grigorian (9-0-2, 2 KO’s) made a huge comeback in his ABF title bout with Orzubek Nazarov (10-4, 3 KO’s).  The first round saw Grigorian dropped for a three count as well as suffering a severe cut and swelling to his left eye.  Nazarov looked to be on his way to an easy win until the ninth round, when Grigorian landed a crippling uppercut, putting Nazarov down for a seven count.  Despite beating the count, Nazarov was unsteady when he got to his feet, and took a hellish pounding with his corner man throwing in the towel in the closing seconds of the round.  Grigorian remains unbeaten thanks to one well placed punch.

It was a tough night for Sadao Yaoita (9-2-2, 3 KO’s), as he was stopped by Myung Woo Yuh (11-1-1, 2 KO’s) in his bid for the ABF flyweight title.  Yaodita was knocked down in the first round, and cut on the bridge of the nose in the eighth; two visits to the doctor followed when the bleeding couldn’t be stopped, with the referee following the doctors advice and halting the action midway through the 10th round.

Gregorio Peralta (14-3-1, 3 KO’s) TKO5 (c) Alfredo Evangelista (7-5-3, 3 KO’s) *SABF HW titl

A nasty cut over Evangelista’s right eye cost him any chance of coming back to win this one; after two visits to the ringside doctor, a third resulted in a TKO stoppage. Peralta was ahead on two cards with the third being even at the time of the stoppage.

Victor Galindez (10-4-1, 5 KO’s) KO7 Victor Cordoba (11-5, 2 KO’s) *SABF LHW title

Cordoba won a close decision when these two met previously and Galindez was making sure it didn’t happen again; he came out blasting from the opening bell and had Cordoba totally spent by the fifth round. Despite injuring his left hand in the fourth, Galindez kept the pressure on, and was ahead on all three scorecards when the referee finally stopped the contest near the end of the fifth round.

Hugo Corro (8-4-2, 1 KO) KO2 Luis Gutierrrez (8-5-1, 3 KO’s) *SABF MW title

Corro picked up his first stoppage win, making quick work of his opponent and snagging the regional title to boot.

Roberto Duran (12-1-1, 7 KO’s) TKO10 Ismael Laguna (8-3-2, 1 KO) *SABF LW title

These two top world ranked fighters were expected to put on a highly competitive contest, but it was one sided all around.  Duran beat Laguna from pillar to post throughout, with the latter wining just one round of the bout. Laguna's solid chin kept him on his feet, but he was taking so many heavy shots in the later rounds, the referee saw fit to call off the action in the tenth.

March 2017

Maurice Hope (11-3-1 8 KO’s) KO8 Frank Moody (9-4) *Commonwealth/British Empire middleweight title

Tough break for Moody, who was dropped with the first punch of the contest but managed to come back and make a fight of it, despite a serious gash suffered over his right eye after an accidental clash of heads in the third round; he just ran out of steam and couldn’t beat the count after getting dropped again in the eighth.

Ted “Kid” Lewis (9-3-2, 2 KO’s) MD12 Lloyd Honeyghan (12-5, 6 KO’s) *Commonwealth/British Empire welterweight title

A real close one that was decided by a late round knockdown; Honeyghan was cut over the right eye in the third round and nearly had the fight stopped by the ringside doctor on two occasions when the injury just wouldn’t stop bleeding.  Despite this, he was still edging Lewis on the cards until the 10th round, a round he was winning handily until an uppercut put him on the canvas.  That was enough to put Lewis ahead at the end, when he won by scores of 115-114, 115-113, and 114-114. 

Freddie Welsh (12-3-2, 1 KO) SD12 Dave Charnley (9-4, 2 KO’s) *Commonwealth/British Empire lightweight title

No overly dramatic moments in this one, but it was a solid workman like performance by both fighters who gave it their all until the final bell. 

February 2017

Muangsurin Nabs APBF Belt with Questionable Decision

Saensak Muangsurin (10-2-1, 4 KO’s) walked away with the APBF welterweight title in what was, in the opinion of many, a highway robbery.  Muangsurin eked out a majority decision win over a 12 round bout with Akio Kameda (9-3-1, 4 KO’s), many feeling Kameda had done enough to win the contest handily.  No knockdowns were scored, but Kameda landed more clean shots and was more effective with those punches.  The score tally had Muangsurin winning by one and two points on two scorecards with one judge seeing things even at 114-114.  

Louis stops Liston!

EBC World heavyweight champion Joe Louis (18-0, 15 KO's) retained his title with a 9th round knockout of formerly undefeated Sonny Liston (12-1, 8 KO's). Many were eager to see how this fight would play out, as Louis had seen some close calls in prior outings against Jack Dempsey and Oliver McCall; how well he’d hold up to the Chicago sluggers power and aggression over the course of a 15 round bout was a question everyone wanted the answer to.

It was real nail biter from the start, as Listons power took center stage when he dropped the defending champ for an eight count in the opening frame. The Arkansas born slugger continued to pound Louis over the next three rounds, but little by little Louis regained his composure and gradually worked his way back into the fight. By the sixth round, Louis hed Listons number and was easily out-boxing him, giving the bout a completely different look than it had early on. The challenger was spent by the seventh, and was finally put away for good in the ninth, giving Louis his second successful defense of the EBC Heavyweight crown. Liston drops to number five in the wolrd rankings.

ABU Regional Title Fights

Chisanda Mutti (7-4, 1 KO) TKO 9 Corrie Sanders (9-4-2, 4 KO's) *ABU heavyweight title

An competitive scrap that was dead even on the cards until Sanders ran out of gas.

Battling Siki (8-3, 2 KO's) W 12 Albert Yvel (9-5-1, 2 KO's) *ABU light heavyweight title

Yvel held his own and kept this one real close, losing by just one point.

Lawrence Ngobeni (8-7, 3 KO's) TKO 10 Jan Piet Bergman (8-5-1, 3 KO's) *ABU welterweight title

A great back and forth battle, Bergman suffered a bad cut over the right eye early on that finally caught up with him. The referee stops this one on the advice of the ringside doctor. Ngobeni was winning by one point on two of the scorecards at the time of the stoppage.



"Slugfest at Soldier Field"

January 5, 2008


Chris Arreola TW 4 Angel Mast
Heavyweight prospect Chris Arreola didn't show much effort in his second outing, but did enough to secure a fourth round technical decision when an unintentional headbutt caused a cut over Arreola's left eye, and the bout went to the scorecards early. Arreola's record stands at 2-0 (0).

Jack McDermott W 6 Rizaldo Ocampo
A solid outing by McDermott. No big action in this one but McDermott controlled the entire bout.

Ossie hernandez D 6 Angel Hernandez
A dull six rounder, booed most of the time by the restless crowd.

NABF Featherweight Regional Title
Art Hafey W 12 Frankie Covelli

Defending title holder: Frankie Covelli
This was by far, the most exciting bout of the night. The defending NABF Champ, Covelli, was dropped hard in the first round. An overly cautious Hafey made no attept to finish the job, but continued to controll the bout into the second round.
Covelli began to find his groove in the third, and was landing crisp combinations while Hafey kept trying to move forward. Every round from the third to the 11th was close enough to go either way, depending "what fight" you were watching. Hafey appeared to be landing the harder punches while Covelli was landing a higher volume.
When the final round began, Covelli came out fighting as if it was the round that would determine whether or not he was going to hold on to his title belt, and for all we knew it very well may have been. Hafey was overwhelmed by Covelli's aggression and couldn't manage a step forward until the last minute of the bout. As Covelli backed Hafey into a neutral corner, Hafey unleashed a quick four punch combination that dropped Covelli for the second time in the fight. Frankie rose clear headed, but the damage had been done. If the fight was as close as everyone thought, this may have sealed the deal for Art Hafey.
The fighters congratulated each other at the final bell and awaited the decsion.

Scores of 115-111, and 116-110 twice gave the win and the NABF Regional Featherweight Title to Art Hafey by unanimous decision. Frankie Covelli drops to a world ranking of 18, with a record of 8-3-3 (0) while Art Hafey's world rank stands at 28, his record 12-3-0 (4).


Roy Jones Jr. TKO 4 Manny Siaca
This was a bout that even had the most hardcore Jones supporters shaking their heads. Jones battered Siaca from the get-go, dropping him twice in the first round. Everyone, except the referee and Siaca's corner, felt the fight should have been stopped at the second knock down, as obvious as it was that Siaca was greatly outgunned in this one. The referee and Siacas corner felt differently, and allowed the beatdown to continue.
Siaca was dropped again in the second round, and managed to land a few punches in the third when Jones took the round off, and layed on the ropes. The fourth round saw Manny get clobbered some more, and after two more knockdowns the bout was finally waved off. The stoppage win for Jones keeps his undefeated record in tact at 8-0 (7), and Siaca drops to 11-5-0 (6) with a world ranking of 23 in the light heavyweight division. Jones remains unranked until he has completed 10 bouts

Sonny Liston vs. Joe Choynski

The story surrounding this bout is well known in boxing circles. Liston being on track to a show down with Empire Boxing World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis is jumped ahead of in the rankings by Choynski, when Choynski wins a decision against a questionable opponent and jumps over 20 spots to the number one ranking. The solution was easy enough: get the two together in the ring and let the winner move on. That's exactly what they did.

Despite a huge risk to his number one rank, you have to give Choynski credit for accepting the fight. Liston is the most feared heavyweight on the planet right now, well deserving of his ranking and reputation, but with all the controversy Choynski wanted to prove himself. He certainly proved his courage just by showing up on fight night.

As the saying goes, the bout could have taken place in a phone booth. Liston backed up Choynski from the start, you rarely saw a jab from either fighter, and bombs were being thrown every which way. While Liston had control of the fight, Joe was no slouch. He was firing back as best he could and seemed to be handling Listons power well.
The fight continued in the same manner through the second and third rounds, though Choynski was attempting to move more and stay off the ropes. It was difficult for him to keep Liston at bay, but he was doing the best he could.

The fourth round was the final curtain for Choynski. The power and aggression of Liston had finally wore him down and midway through the round a left hook dropped Joe for a four count. Seconds later, another hook would put Choynski down again for seven. Backing up to the ropes, Choykski was now a sitting duck for Liston, who moved in and landed seven unanswered punches before the referee jumped between the two fighters saving Choynski from further punishment. Although a victim of a fourth round TKO loss, Joe Choynski displayed heart and courage from the start. Liston was just too much for him.
Scores at the time of the stoppage were an unsurprising 40-33 twice and 39-34 all for Sonny.

There were no harsh words spoken after the bout. Liston got what he wanted: his ranking back and his guaranteed shot at the heavyweight crown. Despite the loss, Choynski got what he wanted also: respect and a few more fans.

Joe Choynski drops only two places to number three in the world rankings with a record of 8-2-2 (2), Liston remains undefeated at 12-0 (8), and moves to the number two ranked position behind Canadian Sam Langford. Langford's last bout was a loss to Louis, which disqualifies him from world title contention at this time. That puts Liston in line for a shot at Louis.

On a side note, Langford is scheduled to meet Muhammad Ali in February for the NABF regional heavyweight title.

Regional Report

Updates on the most recent regional title match ups

European Boxing Union Light Heavyweight Title


Stadio Am St. Cora, Italy- Frenchman Georges Charpantier met his German opponent Mario Veit on neutral ground when the two contested for the vacant EBU light heavyweight title. At Stadio Am St. Cora in Italy, Charpantier was out boxing Viet over the first three rounds of the bout. Charpantier had connected with a an overhand right that cut the forehead of Veit early in the third round. Despite a visit from the ringside Doctor, the bout continued. Veits cut man managed to stem the flow of blood and Veit came out fo rthe fourth. A stiff jab by Georges reopened the cut and the blood flowed freely into the eyes of Veit, prompting the referee to once again summon the Doctor to the ring apron. This time the doctor viewed the injury as too severe and called a stop to the bout. Veit, beaten and bloodied, showed no reaction as he shook hands with Charpantier after the bout. Georges Charpantier takes the EBU regional title by fourth round TKO. Scores at the time of the stoppage were 30-27 on all three cards. The win puts Charpantier (10-1-1, 5) up at the number two rank in the world (from number seven), Veit falls from #20 to #26 and is now 8-3-3, 1.

African Boxing Union Middleweight Title


Stade Tata Raphael, Congo - If this fight is remembered for anything, it will be for the biggest comeback seen in Empire Boxing to date. John "The Beast" Mugabi met Kassim "The Dream" Ouma in a fight many experts considered to be a one sided affair for Mugabi, and it was... to a point.

Mugabi dominated from the start, dropping Ouma with te first puch of the bout just seconds in. Ouma rose by the cout of eight, dazed and unsteady but managed to survive the round. Mugabi continued his assualt in the second, sweling up Ouma's right eye by midround. Ouma showed some life in the third, using lateral movement to avoid The Beast’s big shots and Ouma’s quick combinations were scoring points. Mugabi regrouped and in the fourth, it was all Mugabi again.

Oua was clearly I survival mode, and knockdowns I the fifth and sixth rounds appeared to seal Kassim’s fate. At the start of the seventh, the crowd waited for the slaughter to end. Ouma was swollen, bloody, and looked ready to fall flat on his face. As Mugabi moved in for the finish, Ouma slipped a big right fro the Beast and countered with a fast four punch combination that dropped Mugabito the canvas. Half of the crowd went silent in disbelief and the other half erupted. No one could believe what they were seeing as the referee reached the count of 10, and Kassim Ouma had won by knockout, a bout he was getting killed in, taking the ABU regional title with him.

Scores at the stoppage were all in favor of Mugabi: 58-53, 59-52 59-53. The win puts Ouma’s (11-2-0, 5) world ranking at six (up from 10), and The Beast (9-2-1, 5) drops from seven to 10.

Latino Boxing Council Welterweight Title


In an uneventful bout held at the Poliforum Zamna in Mexico, Jose Luis Castillo defeated Kid Azteca via fourth round TKO to win the Latino Boxig Coucil welterweight regional title.
It was a relatively unexctign bout, except for a brief period in the fourth round where Castillo scored a flash knockdown with a an overhand right. Azteca was up quickly, but the punch had caused a cut inside his right eye lid. In an unfortunate stoppage by the ringsde Doctor, Jose Luis Castillo wins the bout and the LBC title.

The win puts Castillo (14-1-1, 7) at the number one contenders rank in the world, and is aready talking about a bout with the Empire World Champion , Pipino Cuevas (16-1-1, 14). Cuevas is scheduled to meet Cory Spinks in February. Azteca (7-1-4, 3) drops from 24 to 36 in the world rankings.

Scores at the stoppage were all in favor of Castillo: 30-27 on all three cards.

Latino Boxing Council Heavyweight Title


Havan, Cuba-Top rated heavyweight contender Manuel Ramos (Mexico) was confident he could take Ramon Garbey (Cuba).  So confident that he risked his undefeated record (11-0, 7) to travel to Garbey’s home of Cubafor their LBC regional title bout.  Garbey, viewed as a mediocre heavyweight at best (8-4-2, 1) was rated #77 in the world rankings.  The fact that he was rated the number two man in the LBC ratings should give you an idea of how shallow that pool is at the moment.  Whether it was over confidence or under conditioning, Ramos paid the price in the end, and being in his opponents backyard had little to do with it.

The early rounds belonged to Garbey, out boxing Ramos and keeping just far enough away that Ramos couldn’t land anything solid.  A short uppercut in the fifth round dropped Ramos for a nine count and the undefeated fighter saw his win streak in danger.  With the knockdown and some swelling around the left eye working against him, Ramos began to close the gap.  Rather than chasing Garbey looking for the big shot, he allowed Garbey to come to him and amazingly, it worked.  Ramos began to land hard shots and pull Garbey from his game plan.  The middle rounds were close enough to go either way, but the final three belonged to Ramos.  The crowd, deafening just a few rounds ago, was now silent and the scores were read: 115-113, 114-113, 115-112, all in favor of the winner and new LBC heavyweight champion…Ramon Garbey.   The win moves Garbey up 44 places in the rankings from #77 to #31 and the loss drops Ramos to # 32 from #8. 

Asia-Pacific Boxing Federation Heavyweight Title

Defending Champion: Peter Jackson (Australia)

Melbourne, Australia – Peter Jackson (world ranked #21) put his APBF championship on the line against fellow Aussie, Steve Aczel (world rank #73) at the Melbourne Stadium.  To sum things up, it was all Jackson who nearly ended things in the first round, but Aczel managed to cover up just enough to avoid the big shots that would have done the most damage.  Aczel mounted little offense except for the third round which he appeared to win on aggression alone but Jackson took control again in the fourth and held it until the end came in the eighth.  Jacksonlanded a hard uppercut on the chin of Aczel, dropping him for the full 10 count.  Scores at the end of the fight were 68-64 twice and 67-65 all for Jackson who retains his APBF title and improves his record to 12-2-1, 3 and also improves his world ranking from #21 up to #15.  Aczel drops from #73 to #84 with a record of 7-3-2, 4.

Asia Pacific Boxing Federation Light-Heavyweight Title

Defending Champion: In-Chul Baek (S.Korea)

On the same night as Jackson’s defense of his APBF title, another Australian fighter was challenging for an APBF title.  Paul Briggs (Australia), made his way to South Korea’s Olympic Stadium to challenge the APBF champion In-Chul Baek.  Baek and Briggs had met twice prior, each fighter winning one a piece. 

Baek looked sharp at the opening of the bout, using his jab and straight right to keep Briggs at bay.  Briggs looked frustrated before the first round ended and was lunging at Baek, missing, at getting countered in the process.  Not a good way to start a championship match up with a guy who has beaten you once already.  Briggs was looking for one big punch and Baek wasn’t letting him land it.  The fight went the same way through the second round, though Briggs wasn’t lunging as much, he still couldn’t get near Baek.  It was looking to be a one sided, dull, 12 round bout.  Then the third round started.  The opening of the round was just as the prior two, until Briggs slipped an overhand right thrown by Baek and lunged inside with a hook that landed under the defending champs rib cage.  Another shot to the body for good measure, and Baek was down.  At 1:54 of the third round, Baek was counted out while still on the canvas gasping for air.  Paul Briggs had won the APBF light-heavyweight championship with one punch.

The win put Briggs at world rank #16, up from #28 with a record of 11-5-2,6.  Baek didn’t fare too poorly, dropping to #18 from #8 with a record of 20-5-0, 12.


Liston vs. Choynski: How We Got Here
It all began in October ’07, heavyweight contender Charles “Sonny” Liston was on the fast track to the World Championship.  Liston had compiled an impressive record, undefeated at 10-0 with seven knockouts, he was  readyto challenge Empire Boxing World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, also undefeated at 16-0 with 13 knockouts.  It was a fight everyone was talking about and after the war Louis had with Jack Dempsey just months ago, many felt Liston was gunning for Louis at the right time.  Liston just had to get past Gene Tunney, no easy task.  Liston managed a 10 round decision win over Tunney, and began looking forward to his title shot.

The same month, two little known heavyweights were toiling in the sub 20 ranks.  Joe Choynski 7-1-2, 2 ko’sand George Godfrey 9-0-1, 5 ko’ssquared off at a mid-sized show with both fighters just looking to crack the top 20.  Needless to say, Choynskidid just that, and then some.  Joe won a 10 round split decision over Godfrey and with that win rose form rank #28 to being the number one contender for the Heavyweight Championship.  So how does THAT happen?

No one really knows the specifics.  What everyone does know is that Liston and his camp are “upset” to say the least.  Allegations flew: corruption, payoffs, favors. You name it and the Liston management team was accusing it and with good reason.  While Liston should have been preparing for the fight of his life, he was fighting just to get the chance.  Choynskiwas in the driversseat, and Empire Boxing brass was tight lipped…for a bit.

Liston mocked and chided Choynski, and did everything in his power to discredit him as a legitimate challenger.  After weeks of what seemed to be a fruitless effort, the Liston camp got a phone call, Choynskiwanted Sonny.  Smart?  Maybe not, but Joe wanted respect before a title shot and Sonny had gotten his goat.

So the fight was set: Sonny Liston vs. Joe Choynski, winner gets a shot at Joe Louis but wait…there’s more. There were still top contenders Sam Langford and Muhammad Ali to deal with.  Fortunately, these two already came to an oral agreement before the Liston-Choynskiissue was settled.  Ali and Langford are set to square off for the NABF regional title in February. Neither camp raised an eyebrow when they heard Joe Louis was freed up, so with all legit contenders already involved with other business, Joe Louis picked up a bout with Oliver McCall, ranked #19 at the time with a record now of 9-3-1, 5 ko’s.  Louis eventually stopped McCall, but had his own share of problems when McCall dropped him twice in the bout.

Chicago, IL on January 3rd: Sonny Liston 11-0-0 _7 ko’s vs. Joe Choynski8-1-2, 2 ko’sfor the number one contender slot.  Also featured on the card will be light heavy weight  up and comer Roy Jones Jr. 8-0, 6 ko’staking on Manny Siaca11-4, 6 ko’sand NABF featherweight champion Frankie Covelli8-2-3 will defend his title against   Art Hafey11-3, 4 ko’s., of Canada.

January Scheduled Fight Cards
January 3rd, 2008 - Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL
Sonny Liston (USA) 11-0-0 (7) vs. Joe Choynski (USA) 8-1-2 (2) - 12 rounds
Roy Jones Jr. (USA) 8-0-0 (6) vs. Manny Siaca (Pan) 11-4-0 (6)- 10 rounds
Frankie Covelli (USA) 8-2-3 vs. Art Hafey (Can) 11-3-0 (4) - 12 rounds *N. American Boxing Federation Featherweight Regional Title*
Ossie Harris (USA) 3-2-0 vs. Angel Hernandez (Mex) 2-1-0 (1) - 6 rounds
Rizaldi Ocampo (Phil) 0-3-1 vs. Jack McDermott (USA) 5-8-1 - 6 rounds
Chris Arreola (USA) 1-0-0 (1) vs. Angel Mast (USA) 0-0-0 - 4 rounds
January 18th, 2008 - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
(C) Fighting Harada (Jap) 12-0-3 (3) vs. Johnny Coulon (USA) 12-3-0 - 15 rounds **Empire World Bantamweight Championship**
Chris John (Indo) 10-1-1 (3) vs. Wethya Sakmuangklang (Thai) 7-3-1 (1) - 12 rounds *Asia-Pacific Boxing Federation Featherweight Regional Title*
Katsuyoshi Takayama (Jap) 9-2-1 (1) vs. Frankie Genaro (USA) 9-2-0 (1) - 10 rounds
Jiro Ichikawa (Jap) 0-0-0 vs. Steve Aezel (Austria) 7-2-2 (4) - 6 rounds
Yoshinori Nishizawa (Jap) 7-18-0 (2) vs. Chong-Pal Park (S.Kor) 18-5-2 (6) - 8 rounds
Katsahiro Akita (Jap) 1-0-0 vs. Granit Porprasobpol (Thai) 0-3-0 - 4 rounds
Madison Square Garden, New York City - December 30, 2007
Louis Stops McCall!

t wasn't supposed to be this hard. In the main event at Madison Square Garden, Empire Boxing World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis successfully defended his title against Oliver McCall with a ninth round stoppage. In what was supposed to be a relatively "easy" defense for the champ, McCall made it interesting. So interesting in fact, that we almost had a new heavyweight champion.

The fight went just as planned for two rounds, Louis setting up McCall with the jab, landing the straight right, pushing McCall back to the ropes. It was shaping up to be a long, dull, 15 rounds. The bout moved into rounds three, looking much like the first two until Louis got a bit lazy. After throwing a short jab, Joe dropped his left and McCall just happened to be throwing a right at the same time, it landed flush on Louis chin, sending the champ to the canvas. The crowd went silent, but Joe was up by the count of two and appeared clear headed as the round wore on. McCall did little else, and made no attempt to capitalize on the knockdown. By the fifth round, McCall was swollen around the right eye. Louis managed to drop the challenger in the fifth as well, but didn't have enough time to finish him off. Louis continued to pound McCall over the sixth and seventh rounds, the eighth would see another scare for Louis.

McCall came out more aggressive than we had seen the entire fight. This surprised Louis, who was cruising along to this point. McCall managed to back Louis to the ropes, not an easy task, and stun him with an overhand right. Another jab, and another right, and Louis looked in serious trouble. McCall snuck in a left hook, and down went Louis once again. This time he was hurt. He rose to a knee by five, and stayed there until the referee reached eight. The champion gazed across the ring at McCall, and still appeared dazed. Fortunately for Louis, McCall rushed in way too fast. Oliver threw bombs, but they were too far, too wide, and missed the target as Joe covered up effectively and made it through the round without any further punishment. McCall had let his chance slip by.

Louis jumped out of his corner as the ninth round started, showing no lingering signs from the knockdown he had suffered the prior round. Whether he was angry, scared, or embarrassed, he was a man on a mission. In seconds he cornered McCall giving him no room to move or breathe. He layed 13 unanswered punches on the challenger before the fight was waved off. Joe Louis retained his World Championship.

Louis gave McCall a lot of credit after the bout, calling him a "warrior", and said he was underestimated by the experts. Louis also admitted that he was stunned in the eighth round, and was happy to have been able to stop McCall when he did.

Scores at the stoppage were: 76-73, 75-73, 76-72, all for Louis.
Walcott Dominates Quarry in Rematch
They battled to a 10 round draw the first time around. This time, Jersey Joe was determined to not make the same mistake twice.

As he did in their first meeting, Walcott started out well. He established his distance, landed clean punches and was gone before Quarry could counter. Quarry pushed forward, but was unable to land anything solid. By the end of the first round, Quarry’s left eye was swelling, and continued to swell rapidly over the course of the fight. Walcott continued to control the second round, as Quarry’s eye worsened.

Jerry managed to get the better of Walcott in the third round. He was more aggressive threw more jabs, and landed the harder shots cutting Walcott on his forehead with an overhand right. It looked as if Quarry was turning the fight in his favor, as he had done before. His eye continued to swell at an alarming pace so there was a sense of urgency, a question how long Quarry could stay in the fight without the referee or ringside doctor stopping it. Quarry pushed on, but Walcott regained control in the fourth, and continued his assault in the fifth. It was obvious the swelling on Quarry’s eye was affecting him, he was catching everything Joe threw with his face and a stoppage was becoming a very real possibility. This was a far cry from their first meeting and if Quarry had any chance of winning this one, he needed a knockout soon.

The knockout came soon enough, but it wasn’t the way Quarry planned it. Walcott came out blazing in the sixth, he knew Quarry was desperate, hurt, and having difficulty with his vision. Jerry still had a punchers chance, and Joe was taking no chances. He swarmed Quarry from the outset, Jerry had nothing to answer with. Finally, a right uppercut from Walcott dropped Quarry for the full count. He was a beaten man and looked every bit of it.

Jersey Joe looked as good as we’ve ever seen him, Quarry a step behind the slugger we’re used to seeing. Walcott remains undefeated at 11-0-1 (5) while Quarry is dealt his first defeat and a record of 10-1-1 (8).
Gans Retains Lightweight Title
Joe Gans made his first defense of the Empire World Lightweight Championship a successful one, outpointing challenger Freddie Welsh over 15 rounds.

Gans didn't seem to have a difficult time with Welsh, as the challenger looked to have a rough time getting into a position where he could corner Gans and mount any type of attack. Gans was quick on his feet, landing sharp combination's and getting out of the way before the Welshman could throw any leather of his own.

There were no overly dramatic moments in the bout. Other than some swelling under Welsh's right eye in the middle rounds, neither fighter was ever in any serious trouble or in danger of getting knocked out. Welsh did manage to have a good round in the seventh, when he caught Gans coming in with a short uppercut that wobbled the champ. Gans recovered quickly however, and Welsh lost out on any chance he would have had at turning the fight around.

Overall, it was a clean and hard fought bout on both ends with Gans clearly displaying he was the better fighter.

Scores of the bout were 147-136, 148-137, 147-139 all for the World Champion, Joe Gans who now improves his record to 14-0-0 (3) while Welsh drops to 11-3-2 (1).

Next up for Gans could be the number one ranked Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., who is scheduled for a bout against Erik Morales for the Latino Boxing Council title.
December 16, 2008 - MEN Arena, Manchester, UK
Farr defeats Haye, wins Commonwealth title!
.. It was style vs. substance. David Haye, with his bravado, flashiness, and chatter takin gon Tommy Farr, a rough and rugged Welshman
for the Commonwealth / British Empire heavyweight title.
.....Haye came out blazing right from the start. He danced circles around Farr, landing punches at will. Farr kept pushing forward, undaunted by the assault.
Though Hayes punches didn't seem to be hurting Farr, he was winning the round big. By the middle of the second round, Farr's right eye began to swell at a
rapid pace. It was obvious the swelling was affecting his vision, as Haye continued to land clean, hard punches but farr still kept coming forward.
.....The third and fourth rounds were close. haye slowed down a bit and Farr managed to work his way inside and land some hard body shots in an effort to
break Haye down. these rounds could have went either way, but it was a sign of things to come.
.....In the sixth and seventh rounds, after Haye had regained control of the fight, things started to change. No one was sure if it was haye becoming tired,
overconfident, or just looking to take a chance, but he suddenly less mobile than he had been earlier in the bout. This was where Farr began to turn the bout,
and fought Daivd hard. Elbows, shoulder, forearms were all fair game and Haye was on the receiving end of all of it. Far was beginning to rough up haye so
much in fact, that he was warned in the seventh round for using his shoulders. it didn't deter Tommy from fighting his fight though. The remainer of the bout
saw Haye on the retreat and Farr, despite his nearly closed right eye, was on the attack. He battered Haye for the last five rounds and though no knockdowns
were scored, the fight could have been stopped at any time.
.....Both corners felt they had done enough to win the fight, and the decision was in. Scores of 118-113, 114-114, and 116-113 gave Tommy Farr the win and
the Commonwealth / British Empire heavyweight title by majority decision. The win puts Farr atop the European heavyweight scene, and pushes him closer
to a possible showdown with Empire Boxing World Champion Joe Louis. Louis is scheduled to defend his title against Oliver McCall at the end of the month,
many see the fight am easy one for Louis. The loss drops Haye beyond the top 30, and with the influx of newer fighters enterign the ranks it will be a rough
climb for Haye to get back in contention. it was style vs. substance, and substance won.
February Scheduled Upcoming Shows:
February 2nd, 2008 - Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, PA
Sam Langford (Can) 15-1-1 (5) vs. Muhammad Ali (USA) 11-0-0 (6) - 12 rounds *N. American Boxing Federation Heavyweight Regional Title*
(C) Julio Diaz (USA) 7-2-2 (2) vs. George Chaney (USA) 8-3-1 (5) - 12 rounds *N. American Boxing Federation Lightweight Regional Title*
Johnny Buff (USA) 9-2-2 (2) vs. Roger Gonzalez (USA) 6-6-2 (1) - 10 rounds
"Crazy Horse" Liselli (USA) 1-1-0 (1) vs. James Kinchin (USA) 1-3-1 (1) - 8 rounds
Curtis "Showtime" Stevens (USA) 1-1-0 vs. Jojo Harns (USA) 3-13-0 - 8 rounds
Baby Boy Rollo (Bah) 2-1-0 (1) vs. Joe Gatti (Can) 1-5-0 (1) - 4 rounds
February 21st, 2008 - Wembley Arena, London, England
Joe Calzaghe (Whl) 9-1-1 (4) vs. Len Harvey (Eng) 8-2-1 - 12 rounds *Commonwealth / British Empire Light-Heavyweight Regional Title*
"Sugar" Ray Robinson (USA) 10-1-0 (6) vs. Lloyd Honeyghan (Eng) 12-3-0 (6) - 12 rounds
Lorenzo Parra (Ven) 11-2-1 (5) vs. Walter McGowan (Scot) 9-2-2 - 10 rounds
Amir Khan (Eng) 2-0-0 v. Jan Nicolaas (Neth) 2-6-1 (1) - 8 rounds
Tommy Cleary (Ire) 1-0-0 vs. Enrique Jupiter (Mex) 0-0-0 - 4 rounds
Con O'Kelly (Ire) 0-0-0 vs. Harvey de Cross (Ire) 0-0-0 - 4 rounds
December 1, 2007 - Falkoner Center, Denmark
Mikkel Kessler TKO 7 Pekka Kokkanan
**Kessler started out the favorite, but rumors swelled when the odds went even right before fight time. Kessler came out blazing, and
opened a gash in Kokkanans mouth with the first punch of the fight. Pekka was pummeled the whole round and barely made it to the
second. Come the second, third, and fourth rounds it became a different fight all together. Kokkanan was the aggressor and appeared to
be winning rounds (though the scorecards wouldn't reflect this). No one could figure out what happened to Kessler after the first round, but
he wasn't looking good. The fifth round saw another dramatic turnaround, as it looked just like the first round all over again. Mikkel boxed
from the outside, snaping jabs and solid rights with a few upercuts in for good measure had Kokkanan reeling. Kessler continued his
onslaught in the sixth and finally managed to drop Kokkanan in the seventh round twice. Pekka showed great heart getting up both times,
obviusly hurt, and tried his best to punch back but Kessler found his mark and wasn't going to let the opportunity slip. After trapping
Kokkanan on the ropes, it only took a few punches for referee Raul Caiz to jump in and wave off the fight. Kessler wins a seventh round
TKO to the delight of his countrymen. Kesslers next bout will put him at 10 bouts, and he'll make his way to the light heavyweight ranking.
Where he ends up is anyone's guess. Scores: 59-55 (2x), 59-56 all for Kessler.
December 2007 - England
Jack Benet (Eng) W 4 Musanda Chinungo (Zam)
Herbie Hide (Eng) KO 6 Roy Harris (US)
Amir Khan (Eng) KO 4 Harry Kimberly
Billy Plimmer (Eng) KO 6 John Kelly (Eng) *wins C/BE bantamweight title
Chic Calderwood W 10 Jack Root
Tommy Farr W 12 David Haye *wins C/BE heavyweight title
New York City
"Mean" Joe Green (US) TKO 3 Ray Ray Gray (US)
Curtis "Showtime" Stevens (US) TKO 2 Reggie Strickland (US)
"Crazy Horse" Liselli (US) KO 4 Jan Lubbers (Neth)
Joe Gans (US) W 15 Freddie Welsh (US) *retains EBC World Lightweight Title
"Jersey" Joe Walcott (US) KO 6 Jerry Quarry (US) (II)
Joe Louis (US) TKO 9 Oliver McCall (US) *retains EBC World Heavyweight Title
**more results posted on the RESULTS page*


Empire Boxing Regional Titles
ABU - African Boxing Union: includes all boxers from Nations within the African Continent
APBF - Asia Pacific Boxing Federation: . This regiona applies to any Nation in Asia or Oceana
C/BE - Commonwealth / British Empire - Applies to Britain & Whales
CBU - Celtic Boxing Union: Includes fighters from Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland (North Ireland fighters can also fight for C/BE and EBU titles)
EBU - European Boxing Union: Any European Nation, including those within the C/BE and CBU. Fighter ranked in more than one region can hold any belt they choose, but only one at a time.
LBU - Latino Boxing Union: Includes Latin Nations, also those within North and South America. The multiple regionrule applies the same as it does for the EBU, CBU, and C/BE boxers.
NABF - North American Boxing Federation: Covers North American Nations and U.S. territories
SABF - South American Boxing Federation: Includes South American Nations .
RESULTS from Central City Millenium Hall, South Korea, October 17, 2006
Sok-Chul Bae draw 4 Hidenobu Honda
**a fair decision, not much else to say about this one.
Les Darcy KO 1 Rasheed Balock
**Darcy keeps his undefeated record with an early right cross that dropped Balock for 10
Jackie Jurich W 10 Katsuyoshi Takayama
**No knockdowns, but this one was close enough to go either way. Scores were 99-90, 95-94 twice all for Jurich
In-Chul Baek W 12 Clive Stewart - Baek retains APBF LHW title
**This one looked to be over before it started, as Stewart came in over the weight limit and had to sweat a few pounds off
to keep the title on the line. A lazy Stewart was dropped in the second, but came back strong in the third to drop Baek,
though it appeared to most to be nothing more than a flash knockdown as Baek was up at two looking clear headed,
Baek controlled most of the fight, though Stewart did make a good account of himself considering his physicalcondition.
Beak sealed the deal dropping Clive again in the 11th and 12thr ounds, but Stewart wouldn't stay donw, and Baek had
to settle for a unanimous decision win by scores of 116-109, 115-109 twice.
Manuel Ramos upsets Peter Jackson! Jackson was winning the fight handily and landing at a 50% rate, but a cut early in the fight came back tohaunt him.
By the eighth round, a cut over Jackson right eye was deemed to severe by the ringside Doctor and the fight was stopped,
giving the win to Ramos by TKO. The APBF title was not on the line, so the belt stays with Jackson.
Joe Choynski has just become a contender. After winning a 10 round decision over Matt Godfrey on October 14th, Choynski has made a 25 place leap
to the number one spot in the heavyweight division. Choynski is looking for a January date with EMPIRE heavyweight champion Joe Louis, but may
have to face another top 10 contender such as Sonny Liston or Muhammad Ali first.
**more results posted on the RESULTS page**

RESULTS FROM Milwaukee, WI - U.S. Celular Arena

Curtis "Showtime" Stevens W4 Al Sparks
**A one sided bout for Stevens, who dropped Sparks in the first and cut him in the second. Sparks had a good fourth, but it was too late.
Scores were 39-37, 38-37, 39-36 all for Stevens.
Oakland Billy Smith KO1 Frank Tate
** An early night for Smith. One solid body shot drops Tate for the 10 count at 2:13 of the first round
Loris Stecca W10 Eder Jofre
** Jofre was always one step behind Stecca in this one. Jofre dropped twice in the second round, once in the sixth. Jofre showed heart in
finishing the fight, but despite a few good rounds was never really in it. Scores were 97-90 twice, 97-91.
Sonny Liston W12 Gene Tunney
** Liston started strong and took control early, dropping Tunney in the fourth round. Tunney managed to find his range at the mid point and out box Liston, winning the second half of the fight as Liston appeared to tire. Tunney's fate was sealed in the 12th round (which he was winning), when Liston landed a hard right that put Gene down for the second time in the fight. Though he wasn't in any serious trouble, it gave Liston a 10-8 round, which would turn the scores for Sonny.
Scores were 114-111, 113-112, 114-113 all for Liston.
Julio Diaz TKO 6 Sean O'Grady (WINS vacant NABF lightweight title)
** A great slugfest that was entertaining throughout. An even fight through the first four rounds, Diaz opened up in the fifth and stopped O'Grady in the sixth.
Scores at the time of stoppage were 49-44 all for Diaz. No knockdowns were soed inthis bout.
Dave Sands TKO 12 Rocky Mattioli
Katsushige Kawashima W 12 Joe Lynch
**more to be posted soon**


November 1, 2006 - Leeds Town Hall, England
Dai Dower (Whl) 5-2-0 (0) vs. Percy Jones (Whl) 1-0-0
Gunnar Barlund (Fin) 3-8-1 (0) vs. Gerry McDermott (Ire) 2-0-0 (0)
Amir Khan (Eng) 1-0-0 (0) vs. Billy Thompson (Eng) 2-6-4 (0)
Joe Calzaghe (Whl) 8-1-1 (4) vs. Iran "The Blade" Barkley (US) 8-1-1 (5)
November 29, 2006 - Falkoner Center, Denmark
Reda Zam Zam (Den) 0-0-0 vs. Klaus Stockmann (Ger) 0-0-1
Anders Hugger (Den) 1-0-0 (1) vs. Piotr Sapan (Belarus) 0-1-0
Mikkel Kessler (Den) 5-2-1 (4) vs. Pekka Kokkanan (Fin) 4-6-1 (1)
OTHER notable fights taking place:
Sean O'Grady vs. Julio Diaz for the vacant NABF lightweight title
Muhammad Ali vs. Harry Wills
Mac Foster vs. Wladimir Klitschko
Jorge Arce vs. Yoko Gushiken
Juan Meza vs. Young Griffo
Tiger Jack Fox vs. Prince Charles Williams for the vacant NABF LHW title
Terry Norris vs. Tony Ayala for the vacant NABF MW title
Mahyar Monshipour vs. Barry McGuigan
Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Cory Spinks for the vacant NABF WW title
Joe Jeanette vs. Hasim Rahman
**plus many more