Empire Boxing- An alternate boxing universe with eight regional titles and ONE world championpion per weight division. Only the eight original weight classes are used here and fighters from all era's compete against each other. This began in 1990 as World Conference Boxing with Lance Haffner's TKO Pro Boxing, we now used Title Bout Championship Boxing.
    HEX Wrestling - Heatwave Extreme Championship Wrestling where a slew of competitors from different eras and different promotions compete for the World championship or the Intercontinental belt, tag team titles are also up for grabs. Pro Wrestling Superstars is used to run this promotion.
    "What If" Boxing- A straight up simulation of fantasy matchups. Bouts are run 100 times to gain a more accurate result.
    Fight Predictor- A fun way to see who will win the big upcoming fight. Please, don't make wagers based on what you see here. This is for entertainment and comparison purposes only.
    WCB Boxing- The original World Conference Boxing, this is where it all started. This is the last set of rankings for the now defunct fed (which was replaced by Empire Boxing) as well as partial records for Muhamad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, two of the best WCB boxers that retired, later to return in the Empire universe.
    **- A Yankees only season I ran with APBA Baseball for Windows. A full season complete with playoffs and a World Series, stats also posted.
    **- Also using APBA BBW, a replay of World Series games from the beginning (still in progress).
    SOZ Wrestling- Created with and played using the WWE video game, this fed is based on friends and co-workers so unless you're in the know, you'll be lost. Maybe you'll enjoy the videos though, feel free to check it out.